The success of your project managers has a lot more to do with people management than project management. ”I wish I had this course 7 years ago!” said one attendee of the Cadence Management Corporation Managing Project Management (MPM) class that was held in Portland, Oregon.

USA MPM Frontcover
MPM Course Map

  • Project Context – when to use which approach
  • Preparation
  • Plan – Review
  • Execution – Support
  • Closeout – Hand-off

MPM is designed primarily for management leadership, particularly Directors, Managers, and Supervisors who oversee a team of project managers. We believe the success of a project management practice depends on the high-level of support given to a project management team by their supervisors. This MPM course will help managers maximize results through effective project prioritization and support without taking over the project. In addition, the course explains the relationships and influences of each role in the project to enable flexible (and appropriate) resource loading. Cadence founder, John Patton, designed this unique course for managers after asking practitioners (project managers, team members) what else they needed after they attended a Cadence Project Management seminar and started to apply the concepts in the workplace. This course helps to empower the manager and fosters the creativity and productivity of the project managers through management support.

“Great course! Very applicable to what I do, the challenges I face, and the changes I want to make in the near future.”

We use multiple learning aids to enhance the study and to help apply best practices. We understand that in reality managers learn from sharing experiences. Therefore, the workshops in class provide a forum for discussion where attendees share their knowledge and their broad perspectives.

“I’m excited about attending my next seminar! Thank goodness I have a bit of time to put everything I just learned into practice.”

We are glad to be a part of your success!