In today’s business environment, managing projects is a critical success factor. Companies and organizations are finding that today, more than ever, there are more projects to complete with limited resources. The projects range from small 3-person teams to large, multi-functional, system-wide projects that command serious capital investment. Today’s challenges and pressures demand that companies execute flawlessly, reduce cost, speed time to market, manage risk, integrate people and technologies and adhere to global standard and marketplace competitiveness.

Cadence Seminar Leaders from Around the World

Cadence Management Corporation offers an approach that teaches both the core fundamentals and more advanced elements of project management which enable you to apply your knowledge and experience at full project management maturity.

Founded in 1983 by John Patton, Cadence Management Corporation today is a leading provider of project management training, consulting services, and supporting project tools. The Cadence mission is to help you, the project leader, and your team be successful. The proven techniques work for all industries and in all levels within the organization. The consulting and training services provide a balance of tools, disciplines, approaches and people management skills.

For over three decades, Cadence Management Corporation has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of project managers to reach success through project management. Cadence was awarded the Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year award from the Project Management Institute.

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Cadence Project Management training focuses on the skills project managers and team members need to deliver results today. From PM Essentials to Advanced modules, each course in the comprehensive Cadence seminar catalog is field tested with project managers and teams who need a flexible, scalable methodology to getting projects done.Consulting

Cadence Consulting helps your organization provide a driving force behind your project management implementation. From Rapid Project Start-ups to Process Assessments and Improvements, your Cadence team provides the level of support you need to cement Project Management at any level of the organization.

Tools & Support

Cadence offers a wealth of tools to supplement your Project Management training investment including ProjectMaster Online — the web-based planning tool — Cadence Responsibility Matrix and Project and Agile Wall Chart Kits, Project Templates, lifetime free 1-800 support for Cadence graduates, and more.

Global Solution Providers

The growing network of Cadence Global Solution Providers means your project management team is supported by practitioners who understand the values and challenges of working in global teams and supporting today’s virtual workplace.