For the purpose of maturing project managers, coaching is one of the most effective instruments available. Combined with training the project manager will be able to address areas dealing with interpersonal and organizational roles & relations, or a personal leadership style to be developed. It is personal and functional coaching at the same time, with a focus on supporting the project manager to finding his right role and position within the project environment, with its typical responsibilities and authority. In the force field of interests and power, changing project environments, market developments, strategic goals and vision, human aspects, project teams, financial constraints, work-life balance etc., a clear route is required, leadership must be expressed and decisions have to be made, not always satisfying everybody.


Working on improving project management skills, behavior, self esteem and trust, roles and authority, influencing stakeholders, leadership skills and as a result higher performance and better project results. The coach acts as a sounding board and provides for stability and reduces uncertainty. Only one thing matters: being successful in managing projects.

The Coaching focuses on:

he first step is about “stage setting”: objective, focal points and issues.
During the coaching sessions the project manager will work on roles, responsibilities and authority, i.e. on different behavior with respect to project processes, people, influencing people (stakeholders) as part of managing the project environment and showing clear leadership to the project team.


Project Managers, Portfolio/Program Managers, Project Sponsors, Senior Team Members, Functional Managers.


On average 5 coaching sessions of 2-4 h. each. Coaching sessions will be combined sometimes with observations of team meetings and discussions with sponsor and stakeholders.