Scrum Product Owner – Agile Project Environment

The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing business value for the project. He is responsible for articulating customer requirements and maintaining business justification for the project. The Product Owner represents the voice of the – internal or external – customer.


Represents the interests of the stakeholder community to the Scrum Team: he is the voice of the customer.

Communication of product or service functionality requirements to the Scrum Team

Defining Acceptance Criteria, and ensuring those criteria are met.

Value delivery of the Scrum Team.

Managing the Product Backlog – the only person allowed to manage the contents of the Product Backlog.

Release Management – he creates and maintains the release plan and decides about deliveries, functionalities and therefore about the costs of a project.

Stakeholder Management – external stakeholders should not communicate directly with the Scrum Team. Instead the Product Owner collects and discusses required functionalities with the different Stakeholders.

Work closely with the Scrum Team – for a successful agile project it is important that the Product Owner and the Scrum Team work together very closely. He is responsible that everyone in the Team understands what is required.


  • Defines the project vision
  • Helps create the project charter and project budget
  • Helps finalize Scrum Master for the project
  • Identifies Stakeholder(s)
  • Helps determine Scrum team members
  • Helps develop a collaboration plan
  • Helps develop team building plan with Scrum Master(s)
  • Creates Epic(s) and Personas
  • Prioritizes Prioritized Product Backlog items
  • Defines Done criteria
  • Crates release planning schedule
  • Helps determine length of Sprint
  • Helps create User Stories
  • Defines Acceptance Criteria for every User Story
  • Approves User Stories
  • Facilitates Scrum Team and commit User Stories
  • Explains User Stories to the Scrum Team while creating the task list
  • Provides guidance and clarification to the Scrum Team in estimating effort for tasks
  • Clarifies requirements to the Scrum Team while creating the Sprint backlog
  • Clarifies business requirements to the Scrum Team
  • Grooms the Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Accepts/Rejects deliverables
  • Provides necessary feedback t Scrum Master and Scrum Teams
  • Updates Release Plan and Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Helps deploy Product Releases and coordinates this with the customer
  • Participates in Retrospective Sprint meetings