Project Team Members participate in projects because of their specific technical or other expertise, experience or involvement. In many cases it’s a part time assignment, on top of their regular jobs within the organization. Participating in projects is challenging in terms of time management and priorities, but rewarding in terms of career paths. They too need good insight in the organization’s project processes and project principals.

From an organizational project management view the team members play a key role in the project processes of a company. Cadence effectively supports team members by the training course PM Framework for team Members. For those who have the ambition of becoming a Project Manager the Project Management methodology training is available.


Specialist – The team member is assigned as a specialist from their organization to do task work which requires their special knowledge and skill.

Task Manager – Team members review the tasks assigned to them. They accept or re-negotiate the cost, schedule, and performance of the specific tasks assigned. Team members complete specific tasks to which they have committed.

Communicator – The team member communicates with both the functional manager and project manager. While project decisions will be made by the project manager, the functional manager will make day-to-day management decisions. As a problem increases in significance (i.e. the team member will be unable to resolve it alone), the team member notifies the managers of the problem and suggests alternative solutions.

Client/Supplier Representative – Some team members are selected to represent client or supplier perspective. As team members they may be responsible for, or contribute to, tasks.


For all Team Members:

  1. Assist with project and task planning
  2. Commit to and complete the tasks assigned within cost, schedule and performance
  3. Suggest alternatives for problems, issues and roadblocks
  4. Communicate with their functional manager and project manager
  5. Prepare special or technical documentation
  6. Meet departmental standards on assigned tasks

For Client/Supplier Representatives:

  1. Keep their organization informed
  2. Forward internal schedules for integration with project plan
  3. Train staff
  4. Participate in decisions in changes to cost, schedule, and performance
  5. Represent the client