Most companies are facing big challenges and changes. You will be needing overview and structere to manage all those changes. With the Cadence methodology and practical way of working we are capable to provide an overview of all strategic initiatives that will be executed by projects, within 14 days.
In brief: overview, governance and grip on the execution of changes carried out through projects and programs.


  • Through an optimized mix of process supervision, coaching and consulting.
  • Based upon information about the companie’s strategy, business planning and project investments.
  • By interviews of important stakeholders.
  • By coaching of the key players.
  • After 7 days of consulting: a presentation to the Project Review Board.
  • After 14 days: a transfer of a weighed Portfolio to the organization.
  • Right first time!

What will you get?

  • Methodological overview
  • Praktical tools
  • Overview of available knowledge
  • Project overview
  • Prioritized project portfolio
  • Balancing of projects
  • Governance of Portfolio
  • Presented Portfolio


2 weeks, 2 experienced consultants

Your investment:

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