Session Information

Title: Negotiating for Project Success
Presenter: Randall L. Englund
Duration: 1 hour

The results delivered by projects usually depend upon what you negotiate. Successful project leaders explore a perspective, principles, tools, and recommendations to achieve better results through the power of negotiations. They avoid being set up for failure by recognizing and developing skills that lead to greater success. Negotiating is fun…and is productive. Everything is negotiable, both at work and in everyday lives. It is in our best interests, and for your team and organization, that you embrace negotiating as a requisite skill…and implement it dutifully.

  • Learn the power of negotiation in every day interactions — from problem solving to requirements, to resources and more
  • Learn how you can improve your negotiating skill by ten percent, and what you can achieve by making tiny changes for big effect
  • Learn the 10 Basic Rules to developing your own negotiating skills, and how you can reap the benefits in your project work immediately

About our Speaker

Randall L. Englund, is an executive consultant for the Englund Project Management Consultancy, and has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley. He’s co-author of three best selling business books, including the latest on Project Sponsorship, and teaches project management at California universities and PMI seminars. While Randy has an MBA in management and a BS in electrical engineering, his real education came from 22 years at Hewlett-Packard Company, where he was a senior project manager, new product developer, and internal consultant at the corporate Project Management Initiative. Previously he managed projects in the field for General Electric Medical Systems. Randy now delights in sharing his passion for project management, and the environment in which people do project-based work, with clients around the world.

Webinar information

Format: Webinar
Audience: all people involved in projects
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: € 5

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