Session Information

Title: The Cross-Cultural Project Manager between East and West
Presenters: Walter Ginevri, PMP and Carlo Beraha
Duration: 1 hour

In The Cross Cultural Project Manager between East and West, Walter Ginevri, PMP and Carlo Beraha will demonstrate the wisdom of working across cultural bounds to dramatically improve your project management results.

What is the Cross Cultural Project Manager (CCPM)? Learn the skills that define the CCPM, and how to go about integrating Western and Eastern approaches to project management including:

  • Learn to drive for understanding through shared perspectives across stakeholders
  • Develop smart planning principles and avoid the pitfall of seeking the best solution to every project problem
  • Understand the importance of qualitative time, and improve trend analysis by focusing on present results rather than past performance
  • Learn to tell the story of your project to build support and understanding up and down the stakeholder management chain
  • Learn to communicate and address Tacit Knowledge: the issues every stakeholder carries, but doesn’t express about your project.

About our Speakers

BerahaCarlo Beraha,
Owner of Eta Beta.

Ginevri Walter Walter Ginevri, PMP, Member Board of Directors at Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). Walter Ginevri considers the Project Management Institute as his professional family, thanks to which he had the opportunity of conducting researches on the complexity theory applied to projects. Thanks to the precious support of the PMI Educational Foundation, he also had the opportunity of spreading the project language in the primary schools of our beautiful country and all over the world.

Webinar information

Format: Webinar
Audience: all people involved in projects
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $5.00

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