The journey of project management success starts from many different directions. Here is a sampling of successful approaches to make a difference in organizations with the effective management of projects.

Cadence worked closely with the IS department of a programmable Microchip Manufacturer to create a project management manual and process. This brought consistency and a methodology to the teams and senior managers’ approaches. Cadence helped the company with project management processes, created a common language and simplified their way of getting work done. This was especially crucial as the company evolved to an Intranet delivery to customers and suppliers, so a common approach was important.

An experienced Cadence consultant managed an emergency consulting project with the insurance arm of a major corporation. Cadence helped the new project manager to define all customers, stakeholders, needs, expectations, work schedules and deliverables for the project. As a result the company shifted from a project to a program focus. This allowed them to identify discrete projects within the program, to address resource and staffing issues and redefine direction. Significant dollars and project resources were saved and outcomes were more clearly defined.

Cadence helped a micro electronic probing company develop a planned approach to executing projects. Starting with interviews and an executive briefing, Cadence then delivered training and focused consulting to develop a program plan for a product line launch. Cadence has helped the company define deliverables, work breakdown, schedules and plans. As a result the company learned to look beyond their business department to a more global viewpoint.

A major medical technology company, driven by bottom line performance, hired Cadence to work with their R&D and new product development areas. Cadence delivered the 3-day foundation training along with managing project management training classes. A simultaneous consulting assignment helped with project startups and a comprehensive training plan. In addition, Cadence worked with the corporate planning group to create templates for large meeting conventions and other types of events. Results helped the company execute more efficiently and avoid repetitious work tasks.