From the Founder

John Patton (†), Founder

During these challenging economic times, it becomes increasingly important to keep your skills sharp. We are dedicated to advancing the field by offering the highest quality presentations at a great value to project practitioners around the globe.
Cadence was founded in 1983 by John Patton to be the premier provider of project management training, consulting services, and support tools. The approach and tools have been adopted and successfully applied in hundreds of company environments. Thousands of professionals are graduates, representing a variety of industries and countries. Cadence offers a range of courses and consulting services for project managers, team members, managers, and executives.

The Cadence mission is to help you, the project leader, your team and your company getting projects done. Since the beginning, the techniques and skills taught have evolved to make the Cadence solution to project management the most effective internationally. This proven approach works for all industries and in all levels within the organization. The focus is on practical, low-overhead techniques that have immediate application in your work environment.

Experienced, master practitioners of project management are the only consultants and trainers used in the Cadence environment. They have each spent at least 15 years as functional managers, project managers, dedicated consultants, and seminar leaders. The experience of the Cadence team delivers powerful leverage to its customers and their ability to change rapidly.

Building project management skills with the Cadence approach will enhance a company’s ability to compete effectively in a global marketplace.