The PMI Educational Foundation has partnered with Grupo Sinergia, Costa Rica to deliver a Project Management seminar to Deport-es para Compartir in Mexico City, Mexico. The seminar is a part of Cadence in-kind contributions to support the PMIEF mission of providing project management skills for life for youth around the world.

“Deport-es para Compartir, Sports for Sharing, is a civic and education program that forms better citizens from childhood.” said Edgardo Jose Marinez Penalva, Steering Liaison (Enlace Directivo) of Deport-es para Compartir. “Our non-profit empowers children to become agents of change within their communities and to take on global challenges. Through physical activities and play, the program creates awareness of the Millennium Development Goals, promotes healthy lifestyles and praises cultural diversity in the country.”

Per John Patton, CEO of Cadence Management Corporation, “Cadence is strongly engaged and supportive of PMI’s efforts to build a more skilled future workforce and society. Effective change management counts on effective projects.