Every project should have a management level sponsor. Every time again it is proven that management support is a critical success factor for projects. However, organizations do not take the time to understand what sponsorship means, why it is so crucial and how sponsorship can be improved. The workshop Project Sponsorship has been designed to support managers in creating a positive environment where projects can prosper thanks to excellent sponsorship.

This workshop provides project sponsors the knowledge, tools and ‘best practices’ necessary to operate more effectively in their sponsor role. They will get a clear view on role and responsibilities as a sponsor, resulting in successful project closeouts. This workshop provides more value by taking senior project managers to the workshop.


  • Understanding what project sponsorship is all about
  • Defining how project sponsors influence the project success
  • Finding the right sponsor
  • What a sponsor should know (‘teach the old dog new tricks’)
  • Keeping sponsors committed
  • Taking advantage of ‘executive’ communication
  • Let the culture work for you
  • Discovering the power of feedback
  • Looking for excellence in project sponsorship

Training information

Face-to-face and Virtual training

Format: F2F, Virtual, Open enrollment, for Teams or In-house groups
Audience: Executives, Project Sponsors, Functional Managers, Program Managers
Duration: 0,5 days
Group size: max 12
PMI PDUs: 4 (technical)
Cost: pricing page.
Team or In-house group: please ask for proposal.
Course calendar: Check the EU calendar for upcoming seminars


  • State-of-the-art training session
  • Seasoned seminar leaders
  • Ready to use in practice immediately after the training exercise
  • Certificate and 4 PDUs (PMI®)

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