Cadence Management Corporation held their world-renowned Project Management Methodology seminar on June 4 -6, 2013. The seminar was led by Senior Seminar Leader, Rod Sharman. This comprehensive course is suitable for team members, technical, functional, and project leaders. While there are 28 learning objectives in this course, the overriding goal is to equip attendees with the process, tools, and people skills that will give them project success.

Rod SRod Sharman

This course is designed to be interactive with participant/instructor discussions, as well as two person exercises and 5-6 person breakout workshops.

In order to enhance learning and engagement, multiple workshops  were provided in class. Rod encouraged everyone to choose a real project they were working on for their use in the workshops.   This approach allowed everyone to be able to contribute with their critical thinking. The workshops covered multiple aspects of project planning and control including Identify and Scope the Project, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix, and Scheduling.

students working at the wallStudents work on a project as a group

Schedule exampleAn attendee is working on the Schedule Breakdown Workshop


In addition to group projects, attendees also worked individually and in pairs to obtain more in-depth thinking and discussion. During these activities, seminar leader, Rod Sharman, interacted and coached the attendees to help them develop critical thinking skills. He also shared his experience and use with the open knot technique to show the attendees how to think of different alternatives for given situations.


in a paired discussionIn a paired discussion

During this seminar, we also welcomed our new Global Solution Provider (GSP) from France, Fabio Panzavolta. Fabio is a Cadence Seminar Leader and Consultant in Europe. He will present Cadence’s methodology to partners in Europe.  Welcome to Cadence, Fabio!


PanzavoltaFabio Panzavolta

One attendee said, “Good distribution of lecture and work sessions.  Real life examples helped explain the concept. I have learned more in this seminar than in any other seminars I have attended.” Cadence always listens to your concerns and suggestions and strives to tailor our course to fit your business. Thank you for choosing Cadence!