Product Description


Teach your leaders to manage the process of project management

In Managing Project Management, company leaders are shown the power of project management for delivering strategic objectives for their organizations, and the critical importance of their role in nurturing innovation, productivity, and competitive advantage. Managing Project Management focuses on the role of the manager who crosses the chasm between on-going operations and project management. A manager that balances these two roles is often asked to balance the needs of the organization against the needs of innovation, product management against product development.

Attendees in the Cadence Managing Project Management course will understand how to measure and manage project managers with repeatable processes, consistency, and a common language. This course is dedicated to helping managers find balance in a complex and conflicting operational environment.

In this course, attendees will learn key roles in the project environment, and how effective delegation can streamline communication and accelerate productivity. Managers will understand how to effectively assign people to projects, and how to manage competently from Project Status reports. Most importantly, managers will understand their role in supporting their project managers, project team members, and the project environment in their organizations.

Seminar Details

USA MPM FrontcoverDate: Please ask for new dates
Location: Portland
Audience: Managers, Directors, Supervisors
Duration: 1.5 Days
Class Size: 12 Participants Max * 
Prerequisites: None
PDUs: 12, Leadership

**Cadence reserves the right to postpone the class if the minimum enrollment is not met.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Project Planning: Learn to manage people without having to take over the project
  • Practical Project Experience: Maximize results through effective project prioritization
  • Cultivate a Positive Project Environment: Learn key project processes (status, change, and issue management) and how to implement them effectively
  • Accelerate your Projects: Understand how roles are affected by project phase
  • Craft your Management Skills: Learn key project components, and how to review project manager work products
  • Maximize Project Progress: Understand resource loading, and how to determine department and company capacity for projects
  • Drive Consistent Project Results: Learn to effectively manage project closeout and transition project outcomes to ongoing operations