Rapid Project Start-up

The Cadence Rapid Project Start-up service puts you, your team and the project together, with the experienced support of your Cadence consultant. You know how hard your project team works, so give them the support they need to get their next project started right. The objective: to deliver a project plan ready for approval and sign-off, in just a few days.
During this dynamic working session, your Cadence consultant will lead your team through the systematic, step-by-step process of developing your project plan including Project charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix, and Schedule.

With the benefit of Cadence expertise and perspective, your team will be able do the heavy lifting of the planning process quickly, defining work more efficiently, and in more detail than ever before. Assigning responsibility, and developing the project schedule will be more accurate and more effective as a result.

In the end, Cadence will work with you and your team to organize and synthesize each component to deliver a completed project plan in just days. More importantly, your project team will have the experience and the discipline to launch projects quickly, increase productivity, and deliver results.


  • Signature-ready project plan complete with Project Profile, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Matrix, and Schedule
  • Foster team cohesion and project understanding through deep cross-functional planning involving all team members
  • Stimulate knowledge transfer of Cadence methodology, and condition your team for consistent delivery of rapid start-ups on future projects
  • Solve project problems early and quickly