La meilleure publicité que nous pouvons obtenir est celle de nos clients. Voici une liste partielle de clients, dont ceux avec qui nous avons eu un engagement global et multi-sites. Cadence à centaines de milliers d’anciens élèves dans plus de 50 pays à travers le monde.


“I was very impressed with how the seminar leader covered the most important aspects of a huge, detailed topic. Also, what made it most valuable was his willingness to take time to answer our real-life questions and give actionable advice. Thanks!”

Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturer

“I really appreciate the experience that Bruce Fieggen brings to the course. I feel empowered to make changes that will help me and my team.”

Arizona Tyre Company

“This was so beneficial and extremely informative. The time flew by! The hands on approach was great as was all of the material we covered.”

Off-Road Vehicle Manufacturer

“This course was excellent and I have gained great Project Management knowledge.
The seminar leader was very knowledgeable and relayed the material to real life situations.”

Medical Devices Company

“This seminar leader did an outstanding job in relating the phases of project planning to our organization. He is very knowledgeable and knew how to help us connect our work directly. I appreciate him taking the time to learn about our organization before the training.”

Nationwide Nonprofit Education Organization

“Jeff Busch was great! Pace was excellent and the ability to move around and applying the skills immediately helped drive the concepts home for me. Very engaging and open to the class if we wanted to discuss a particular topic in depth or go off topic. Great Job – extremely organized and extremely prepared.”

Beer & Wine Producer

Celle ci n’est qu’une petite liste des entreprises qui ont bénéficié des services de Management de Projet et conseil de Cadence.