When company officers understand the agile project management process, effective communication and decision-making accelerates within the organization.

In this short and concise briefing, executives and senior managers are introduced to the Cadence Agile Project Management (APM) approach, and how improved agile processes are linked to organizational strategic goals and performance. The briefing illustrates pragmatic techniques for getting more done with less across the organization, and how agile project management can be applied for more effective utilization of resources and faster results.

This Briefing will give leaders a framework for prioritization and authorization of projects, and how to use projects to accomplish strategic goals and objectives. Attendees will evaluate and understand effective project organization structures, roles, and responsibilities of those involved in projects, and how to implement agile project management efficiently and effectively.

Briefing Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your Agile Project Environment
    Knowledge of scalable and repeatable performance-oriented processes
  • Practical Management
    Understanding of how to implement a consistency to change behavior and productivity across business units
  • Drive Strategy through Projects
    Ability to align projects with organizational goals
  • Accelerate your Projects
    Learn to drive faster project results through planning, and implement with control and confidence
  • Refine Roles and Responsibilities
    Understanding of executive and team roles and responsibilities in the project process
  • Manage Project People Effectively
    Capability to ask the right questions of project participants
  • Drive Consistent Project Results
    Insight into how to assess the health of the company’s project process
  • A Methodology you can trust
    Understanding of how to implement, develop, and support a project organization inside the company

Cadence Agile Project Management (APM) is aligned with the Scrum Body of Knowledge (ScrumBoK) developed by ScrumStudy.

Training information

Face-to-face and Virtual training

Format: F2F, Virtual, for In-house groups only
Audience: Company Officers and Direct Reports, Portfolio Managers
Duration:  0,5 day
Group size: max 10
Cost: In-house group: please ask for proposal.


  • Seasoned seminar leaders
  • Ready to use in practice immediately
  • Certificate and 4 PDUs (PMI®)

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