The objective of a Project Management Practice Assessment is to assess the health of the project management processes and practices to identify areas for improvement, and to document recommendations and action steps.
How Does Cadence Conduct an Assessment?
The Cadence consultant will interview project participants, managers, and executives, and others associated with representative projects, and review documents. The purpose of the interview is:

  • To determine the extent of process definition and ask on the project management process
  • To probe for specific information
  • To assess the breadth and depth of project communications
  • To assess management commitment to projects
  • To assess stakeholder confidence toward projects
  • To assess conformance with best practices
  • To assess the level of project control implied in documents as compared to how control is actually exercised
What Can You Expect?
The Cadence consultant prepares a PowerPoint report which serves as a baseline for subsequent reviews on the overall improvement efforts. It itemizes:

  • Assessment Methodology used
  • Positive observations on the project management practices in the current environment
  • Negative observations – opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations/action steps to pursue to ensure project, program and portfolio success
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