Cadence Consulting Services: give your teams the edge to deliver project results

Cadence Consulting brings key project expertise to your teams, when you need it most. When linked with training, this hands-on service will have a powerful impact on your ability to deliver results on critical projects.

The Cadence approach resists paperwork

Cadence Consulting helps your organization provide a driving force behind your Project Management implementation. From Rapid Project Start-ups to Practice Assessments and Improvements, your Cadence team provides the level of support you need to assure Project Management at any level of your organization.

Our Approach

At its core, Cadence Consulting Services are designed to support and extend the best project management practices learned in the Cadence training seminars and to develop more focused project management skills within client organizations. Working on example projects in a seminar may be necessarily artificial, particularly if the entire core team is not trained together. But this challenge is immediately overcome in a Rapid Project Start-up session, for example, which brings together the core team, all project resources, and your Cadence consultant, working hard to help the team deliver a signature ready project plan faster than you ever thought possible.

Get more value out of your project management resources

Cadence clients choose Cadence Consulting Services because they recognize the value that hands-on consulting delivers on their projects. Project scope is better defined. Resources are utilized more efficiently. Corrective action on troubled projects is taken more quickly with greater support. Finally, team members and managers know that with Cadence, they will be able to deliver the results they promise on their projects.

Full Service & Support

The Cadence total solution provides ongoing support after each consulting session to assist project teams in doing their jobs better. You can call the toll free number and receive answers and advice on your most troubling project challenges.

Cadence Solutions

The tools continue to provide solutions to you outside the seminar environment. And they’re constantly updated and refined to reflect new developments in project management.

Cadence Consulting Services

Cadence Consulting is driven by our mission to give working project managers practical experience in a best-practice environment. From developing baseline project plans to rapid project problem diagnosis, the Cadence consultant works both as a support and a resource. As a result, project teams are better able to identify positive and negative factors in their projects, and take appropriate and effective corrective action.

The Cadence Consulting team is made up of accomplished project managers with a minimum of 15 years practical project management experience each. As a client, this means you have access to a wealth of project management experience on your projects, with the weight of the field-tested Cadence Project Management Methodology behind it.