Get your project started effectively online…

The Cadence workshop ‘Virtual Project Kickoff’ provides project managers and scrum masters with a useful structure and tools to handle this process efficiently and effectively.

A diligent startup of an new project – or a re-start of a previously started project – is the best basis of organizing a high pace project with subsequent progress. In particular when the team has to operate remotely, new and different or extra – more strict – rules apply to make cooperation work well. Communications and securing progress are different from face-2-face circumstances. Many of these rules also apply for setting up face-2-face projects as well.

This online workshop fits seamlessly into the Cadence approach of project management, scrum project management or hybrid project management.

About this workshop

Audience: Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Sponsors

Duration Remote: 2 Days of 2×2 hrs. each
Class Size Remote: 10 Participants Max
Prerequisites: None
Format: In-House or Public; F2F or Remote
PMI PDUs: 8, Technical

Course Calendar

    Is this the right workshop for me?

    If you are a project manager or a scrum master, and you need to start your project remotely due to corona measures or because your team is dispersed over multiple locations, this workshop is very relevant. If you are not quite sure how to kickoff your virtual project effectively, this workshop provides all the in and outs of working with remote teams. Classic projects, hybrid projects or agile projects, all will benefit from this thorough approach.

What can I expect?

Practical – the workshop answers the ‘How to’
Best practices, newest insights
Seasoned workshop leader
Ready for your project kickoff and Get your Project Done

Attendees will participate from home or office, depending on the sector or situation, using the Zoom, Skype or Teams app.

We advise attendees to use a laptop or desktop computer (no smartphones or simple tablets), preferable connected by cable because of enough bandwith).