Deliver your Projects with Control and Confidence

After completing the Cadence Organizational Project Management training you will begin utilizing the Cadence Methodology on your own projects. With practical experience comes a need for continuing development, practice, and refinement. The Refresher and Topical Updates course was created with continuing development in mind. As users expand and improve their own skill in managing projects, Cadence can help expand skills through training on new techniques and new skills in your area.

About this course

Audience: Graduates of the Cadence Project Management Methodology course
Duration: 1 Day
Class Size: 18 Participants Max
Prerequisites: Cadence Project Management Methodology
Format: In-House
PDUs: 8, Technical

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Depending on needs, the Refresher course can be specifically targeted to areas of difficulty. A typical Refresher and Topical Updates course consists of presentations, Q & A, and breakout exercises. The emphasis in this session is learning by doing, with more course time devoted to practical workshops and problem solving centered on the challenges of your projects across your organization.

The agenda for this seminar is developed in partnership with the client and the Cadence seminar leader.

Suggested Format and Topics

Practice Review Group-Focused Topics
Components of a Project Plan
  • Project Charter
  • Vision, Objective, Scope
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Customer case presentations
  • Project management maturity in your company
  • Identification of problems and issues, key issues selected for in-depth discussion
  • Understanding yourself and others, and next steps for you and your company