Better Understanding of and Effective Collaboration within Projects

Project teams have different types of team members. Some are full-time assigned to the project because of their expertise or experience; others only work for short periods of time on specific project tasks in certain phases of the project.
For team members who are on and off working in project teams, besides their regular jobs, a full project management methodology training would be overdone. The PM Framework training was especially designed for them. They will be familiarized with the project management approach and the issues of project teams from the viewpoint of their – often short-lived – role in the team. They will get to know the important project management tools used in projects and how and in what role they can contribute to the project tasks effectively.
The purpose of the Cadence PM Framework training is to provide a good understanding of the team members’ role and responsibilities, the use of project tools and ‘best practices’, necessary for effective contributions to the project objective.

About this course

Audience: Project Team Members and Project Team Leaders of micro/small projects

Duration: 1 Day
Class Size: 16 Participants Max
Prerequisites: None
Format: In-House or Public
PDUs: 8

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  • What is a project and how is it different from other – operational – tasks?
  • Project Life Cycle: in which phase is the project?
  • Roles: team member, project manager, sponsor and functional manager(s)
  • Working together in a project team
  • Project charter, project plan
  • Tools for planning and problem solving
  • Project meetings and reports.
    Course Outcomes

  • Learn to use the project objective and de most important project management tools
  • Know your project role and the one of others
  • Learn to ask the right questions about your tasks in relation to tasks of other team members
  • Understand what is expected from you as a team member (tasks)
  • Understand the interdependencies between your work and that of other team members, by content and by timing

This course is part of the Organizational Project Management (OPM) Series offered by Cadence. As with all Cadence offerings, the course format emphasizes practical and straightforward techniques to facilitate retention and immediate application after this learning experience.