Broaden your frame of reference and implement program management effectively

As organizations mature in their project management initiatives, there comes a natural increase in complexity and sophistication of the project management environment. As more projects compete with increasingly limited resources and grow to support large company initiatives, it becomes critically important to ensure all projects are firmly tied to the organization’s strategic direction. The Cadence Program Management course delivers this perspective.

About this course

Audience: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Program Managers, Project Managers
Duration: 3 days
Class Size: 16 participants max
Prerequisites: None
Format: In-House or Public
PDUs: 24, Technical

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Understand how program management can deliver strategic benefits to the organization. Learn how to see the “big picture” from the program and strategic level. Discover how to implement a successful program with repeatable processes. Learn techniques to define benefits and track the delivery of those benefits to the organization. The Cadence Program Management course teaches organizations to broaden their frame of reference beyond project management, and implement program management effectively.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Define your Program: Define a program and show how the projects within it connect to the strategic goals of the company
  • Integrated Program Management: Understand the differences between program management and project management
  • Drive for Efficiency: Increase the delivery of core program elements
  • Leverage the Right Tools: Develop a program Work Breakdown Structure and Responsibility Matrix
  • Streamline your Program: Utilize project resources within the program in the most effective manner
  • Cultivate a Positive Project Environment: Understand your role in the program, and how you can best serve the project and program environment
  • Get the right players on the field: Outline the roles and responsibilities of your program team
  • Drive the Program Life Cycle: Use the Program Life Cycle to manage and control multiple concurrent programs