A Practical Guide for Executives and Managers

The Cadence Portfolio Management course helps organizations understand the connection between their strategic goals and the programs and projects they undertake to support them.

When there is a disconnect between an organization’s strategic initiatives and the projects currently in development, it is typically the result of improper management of the organization’s portfolio of projects. As a result, projects are not authorized based on the strategic goals of the company.
The Cadence Portfolio Management course provides organizational leaders with the tools they need to build a project portfolio based on the company’s strategic goals. A robust portfolio management process serves as a guide for the executive team to make responsible authorization decisions in a practical and systematic fashion.

Attendees are able to define the portfolio management structure, and understand the relationship between portfolio management, program management, and project management. Further, they are able to align projects in the portfolio to the Business Planning Cycle and the overall organizational strategy. They are able to develop a portfolio management structure in the context of their project environment, and they understand the tools they will need to manage, measure, and improve in support of organizational strategy.

About this course

Audience: Executives, Functional Managers, Portfolio Managers, PMO Directors/Staff, Program Managers, Project Managers, Sr. Technical Leaders
Format: In-House or Public
Duration: 2 Days
Class Size: 12 Participants Max
PDUs: 16, Strategic
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Course Outcomes

  • Portfolio life cycle
    Understand the portfolio management life cycle
  • Organizational Maturity and Portfolio Management
    Take an inventory of projects across the organization
  • Drive for Efficiency
    Select the right categories for grouping projects and programs effectively
  • Stakeholders & Strategies
    Learn to prioritize projects within the portfolio and ensure alignment with the organization’s strategic plan
  • Streamline your Portfolio
    Balance the portfolio based on objective criteria
  • Portfolio Development and Evolution
    Design the proper governance structure for annual and ongoing portfolio management
  • Best Practices and Industry Standards
    Learn how Organizational Project Management enables organizations to continuously increase their business performance