The Cadence Executive Briefing provides company officers with a solid understanding of their role in managing the portfolio or projects and limited programs across the organization.

The support of company officers in leading the portfolio and program management effort can significantly improve the overall performance of projects in the enterprise.

In this half-day executive management course, attendees are introduced to the life cycles for program and portfolio management, the process of building the portfolio capability, the importance of their roles in governance, and the discipline that comes with working within capacity.

Specific examples will illustrate how this discipline will drive a direct increase in both the number of projects completed each year, and in overall business performance.

About this course

Cadence Essentials Project Management Training SeriesAudience: Company Officers and Direct Reports
Duration:2-4 hours
Class Size: 10 Participants Max
Prerequisites: Executive Briefing in Project Management
Format: In-House
PDUs: 2-4, Leadership

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The Cadence Executive Briefing in Portfolio and Program Management will give leaders a framework for understanding their role in building, supporting, and sustaining an effective portfolio and program management infrastructure. Attendees will leave the course with key tools they will use for governance of the portfolio, and examine the key questions all executives should be asking about the portfolio and program management process.

Attendees should come to this course prepared with an inventory of projects in the organization.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the life cycles
    for the portfolio and programs, and understand the alignment between them and the organization’s strategic plan
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities
    of the program manager and team, and learn key tools for selecting the right staff
  • Explore of the relationship
    between project size, risk, and complexitiy, and see the affect each can have on programs
  • Learn to define organizational enablers
    to support a best-in-class portfolio, program, and project management system
  • Learn to select the proper governance
    structure based on organizational maturity

The Cadence Portfolio and Program Management: An Executive Perspective course is aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) developed by the Project Management Institute.