Project Management Training with Cadence Management Corporation

Field-Tested Project Management Methodology

The Cadence Project Management Methodology is steeped in a legacy of successful project results due to the flexibility and adaptability in application. Our clients turn to Cadence because they need to launch their projects faster, work more effectively in project teams, and deliver more of their projects on time and under budget. With Cadence, our clients can be sure their project activity is aligned with the strictest quality standards and industry best practices.

The Cadence approach resists paperwork

We provide the tools and products to support project management training. Individuals, teams, and pro-active managers find these tools a must for providing instant visual impact that reflects project control.

Cadence - Teamwork in Training

Our Approach

The fundamental Project Management training seminar works for any sized project in any situation – ad-hoc, one-time, first-time, change, product development, or problem solving activity. The approach is simple: people manage projects. Tools and techniques are always presented with instruction on how to use them with the people on the project team, especially when these people do not report to you.


Integrated Project Management Solutions

Cadence offers fundamental seminars to ensure using best practices of project management and getting better, more consistent results on your projects. For project people who want to deepen their knowledge on specific project topics, Cadence has developed an Advanced Colloquium.

Full Service & Support

The Cadence total solution provides ongoing support after the seminar to assist project teams in doing their jobs better. The tools continue to provide solutions to you outside the seminar environment. And they’re constantly updated and refined to reflect new developments in project management. From templates and wall charts, to asking us questions and receive answers or advice at no charge!

Cadence Solutions

If most of your projects are ‘predictive’, the Cadence Project Management methodology offers the best you can find in our industry. If Agile is your choice, the Cadence Agile solution (Cadence Scrum) helps you to manage your projects iteratively. Many companies have ‘hybrid’ project environments nowadays – the Cadence solution also hybrid.

The Cadence Catalog

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Cadence Organizational Project Management series offers organizations and teams training in the skills and best practices of project management.

Cadence Agile Project Management series offers solutions for companies and teams embracing the agile way of working.

Cadence Special Focus Courses deliver training for those looking to deepen their knowledge and project expertise.

Cadence (online) Certification series is designed to help global organizations and project practitioners turn project experience into industry-tested credentials. Looking for PMP® or Scrum certifications? Contact us for information about our  online or offline Certification courses. Extraordinary global demand for talented project managers has made the Project Management Professional (PMP®)  the most sought after credentials in the field. Agile Project Management Scrum Master Certified® and Scrum Product Owner Certified® are obvious choices for individuals seeking appropriate credentials.