Dealing with unpredictability…

With the Cadence adaptive project management philosophy, this Cadence Scrum Project Management seminar provides a practical, hands-on training for project people who would like to add skills to their professional background, who are working in Scrum Teams and are searching for a solid foundation and understanding of what it takes to be part of an agile project team.

The Cadence Scrum Project Management seminar helps Scrum teams to effectively apply Scrum to the projects they undertake.

The key benefits of the Cadence Scrum Project Management training course: it provides all the tools you need to perform successfully in scrum project teams. A robust methodology you can trust, presented in a very practical way: by working on your own Scrum projects in class. This is a methodology course (‘how to..’), not an exam prep or certification course (check this link for our E-learning certification options).

Is this the right Scrum Project Management seminar for me?

When the project context of your department or company is better served by using agile techniques instead of classic project management methods, learning a robust Scrum methodology will help Scrum team members to get the best out of their efforts and deliver the highest value to the business.

Do you work in an Agile project environment, are you member of a Scrum team, are you preparing for a role as Scrum Master, Scrum Developer or Scrum Product Owner, this Scrum project management training will help you accomplish that.

Build your competencies and effectiveness:

  • get organized quickly
  • increase your productivity
  • find problems earlier
  • estimate with greater confidence
  • create a committed enthusiastic Scrum team
  • get stakeholder understanding

In conclusion, Cadence Scrum Project Management is applicable to any iterative project environment, in any industry and this scrum project management methodology will teach you how.

What will I get?

  • Cadence methodology training
  • Practical – work on your own projects in class
  • Best practices
  • Seasoned seminar leaders
  • The ScrumBoK, the definitive Scrum guide for professional
  • Ready for your next agile project

Training information

Face-to-face or Virtual training

Audience: Scrum Masters, Scrum Team Members, Project Managers, Project Team Members, Product Owners, Project Sponsors
Format: Open enrollment and in-house, F2F or Virtual
Duration: F2F: 2 days; Virtual: check calendar
Group size: F2F: Max 20; Virtual: Max 12
Cost: Please take a look at our pricing page.


If certification is required, Cadence Online provides for the required certifications:

  • Scrum Master Certified
  • Scrum Developer Certified
  • Scrum Product Owner certified
  • Scaled Scrum Developer Certified
  • Scaled Scrum Product Owner certified
  • and other advanced qualifications.

Other relevant courses

  • Scrum Product owner
  • Project Management (classic)
  • Hybrid Project Management