Connie Plowman joined professional project managers around the world in the celebration and achievement of the field on International Project Management Day, November 6, 2008. While events are being held globally throughout the week, Portland’s own are reaching out and recognizing the importance of project management to our economic success.

“As we approach International Project Management Day, 6 November, 2008 it is important to take time and think about the contributions of the many thousands of project managers and teams who work diligently and with care and professionalism to provide us with many items we take for granted,” writes Frank Saladis, PMP, founder of International Project Management Day on his website. “Everyone has gazed in awe at a breathtaking city skyline or experienced the thrill of an amusement park roller coaster or enjoyed a great movie. These are but a few examples of project management that touch our lives daily.”

Connie Plowman has long supported PMI’s efforts to further the profession through certification and teaching around the world. Thursday morning, she shared her insights with Fred Meyer International delivering a speech on certifications in project Management, then joined the State of Oregon in Salem. The topic, Plowman’s role in PMI’s Leadership Institute Advisory Group, and the growth and opportunity that comes from continuing education and professional development in the field.

“It is an honor to join two of Oregon’s pioneers in the project management field,” said Plowman, “and to be able to share just a small part of my experience in helping future PMPs to grow and contribute to their organizations, and our communities through project management.”

International Project Management Day was founded in 2004 by Frank P. Saladis, PMP, currently a Consultant and Instructor within the project management profession with over 30 years experience in the field. The day falls on the first Thursday in November each year, though local chapters and organizations have so far considered the entire week for encouraging and appreciating project management success.