Yukio Kohara, PMP

Yukio Kohara (Kohara san) is a senior professional in the Technical Innovation Center of FUJITSU ADVANCED ENGINEERING Limited(FAE).

Kohara san is an experienced project manager in information technology systems, developing projects in factories for customers including Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Honda over the last 20 years. Kohara san has taught project management to employees across Fujitsu group and Chinese offshore companies since 2002. He has developed seminars in the Toyota Production System (TPS) and has taught the seminars over 150 times since 2004 in Fujitsu group.

Kohara san has been a certified Cadence Project Management Seminar Leader since 2005 and has taught the Cadence Project Management Seminar in Japanese for Fujitsu group and other companies.

Kohara san is a past chair of the Global Project Management Working Group or TPS (Toyota Production System) for Project Management Working Group in the Fujitsu SS Project Management Community since 2002. He has also served as chair of the TPS Working Group for the Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ) since 2006 and has delivered many presentations on the “Five Why’s” in TPS in the Project Management symposium since 2007 by PMAJ—the second largest project management conference in the world.

Kohara san is a Project Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute, Project Management in IT certified by the Japanese minister, Project Management Seminar Leader certified by Cadence Management Corporation, and a member of Project Management Association of Japan and PMI.