Daisuke Anryu, PMP

Daisuke Anryu, PMP, (Anryu-san) is a manager in the Telecom Systems Business Group of Fujitsu SSL Limited, which is a subsidiary of Fujitsu, Limited. Anryu-san has worked for Fujitsu SSL since 1987, and has over 15 years of experience as a project manager of systems integration projects, ranging in size from five to 40 team members.

Now Anryu-san has two roles. He is not only a project manager of a 40-member team developing systems for the telecommunications industry, but also a line manager of 50 subordinates.

Anryu-san became a Cadence Seminar Leader in 2006. Anryu-san has been a chair of working group in Fujitsu SS project management Community since 2005. Anryu-san is a Fujitsu Certified Professional (PM), Fujitsu SSL Certified PM (3rd stage), and PMP certified by PMI.