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Managing Project Management

The success of your project managers has a lot more to do with people management than project management. ”I wish I had this course 7 years ago!” said one attendee of the Cadence Management Corporation Managing Project Management (MPM) class that was held in Portland, Oregon. MPM Course Map Project Context - when to use [...]

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Tips for Creating a Project Timeline

How long does it take to complete a project? With several teams working together and several milestones to reach, creating a timeline is more complex than it looks on the surface. To get it right, you need to know what the client needs from the final product, what resources are needed to deliver the product, [...]

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What is Lean Project Management?

Lean is a systematic method for waste minimization. Lean project management is a practice that focuses on removing the bottleneck in the project planning and execution process to accelerate productivity, which can be beneficial to any project. This type of project management eliminates waste, which is anything that doesn’t add value for the customer. Waste [...]

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Project Management — Learning "How To"

Cadence Management Corporation held their world-renowned Project Management Methodology seminar on June 4 -6, 2013. The seminar was led by Senior Seminar Leader, Rod Sharman. This comprehensive course is suitable for team members, technical, functional, and project leaders. While there are 28 learning objectives in this course, the overriding goal is to equip attendees with [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 109: PM SkillBuilder Part 3 — The Eternal Ending

As projects near completion, it can sometimes be difficult to finalize and deliver them due to issues that can drag on or situations that arise. Getting over that last hump, to deliver the finished project can be the most difficult phase.

Ask Cadence Ep 108: PM Skillbuilder Part 2 — The Messy Middle

It happens. The team is working hard and they’re trying to keep up. Everyone’s putting in the extra effort. Yet you’re running into a number of problems. In the middle part of the project, you can start to lose momentum. The team can start to lose some of their enthusiasm. And, if you’re not careful, [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 107: PM SkillBuilder Part 1 — The Slow Start

In the early stages of a project, a number of issues can crop up that can shift the project manager’s focus away from getting the project kicked off and on its way to eventual delivery. It’s an important time, as a successful start sets the stage for a successful delivery. This segment is the first [...]

Cadence Continues to Partner with PMIEF

(September 2012) Cadence Management Corporation continues to donate to the PMI Education Foundation by providing scholarships that allow primary and secondary teachers or administrators currently employed in a private or public school to attend a Cadence Seminar in a variety of locations. The Cadence methodology delivers practical techniques that allow the project manger to develop [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 106: How do you avoid jumping to implement

This week's problem card asks, "we're dealing with so many external influences demanding quick successes -- how do you avoid jumping to implement in a way that drives success but doesn't forget that you're working on a project?" This week on the show, Connie Plowman joins Pete Wright to take on this issue with tips [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 105: Executives are not able to make decisions

This week's problem card focuses on the busy executive that, for whatever reason, is not making tough decisions quickly and is beginning to impact the smooth march forward of the project. This week on the show, Connie Plowman joins Pete Wright to walk through the roadblocks to executive decision making, and outlines key steps you [...]

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