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Sports for Sharing Receives Cadence Project Management Training

The PMI Educational Foundation has partnered with Grupo Sinergia, Costa Rica to deliver a Project Management seminar to Deport-es para Compartir in Mexico City, Mexico. The seminar is a part of Cadence in-kind contributions to support the PMIEF mission of providing project management skills for life for youth around the world. “Deport-es para Compartir, Sports for Sharing, is a civic [...]

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Tips for Creating a Project Timeline

How long does it take to complete a project? With several teams working together and several milestones to reach, creating a timeline is more complex than it looks on the surface. To get it right, you need to know what the client needs from the final product, what resources are needed to deliver the product, [...]

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What is Lean Project Management?

Lean project management is a practice that focuses on removing the bottleneck in the production process to accelerate growth and productivity but can be beneficial to any project. This type of project management eliminates waste, which is anything that doesn’t add value for the customer. Waste can come from several sources including waste within a [...]

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Four Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Invest in Project Management Training at Your Organization

In years gone by, miners wouldn’t consider descending deep underground without a caged canary – and once in the mine, you can bet they kept a close eye on the bird for any signs of distress or sickness that might indicate the presence of invisible, odorless, dangerous gasses. Today, we are fortunate indeed to have [...]

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Cadence Continues Support for the PMIEF

Cadence is proud to continue to support the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation, the philanthropic arm of PMI with a donation of over $140,000 for 2017. Cadence’s support of PMIEF.org for over 8 years has resulted in the training of the Cadence Methodology to over 275 educators, non-profit, and disaster relief organizations. Cadence teaches a [...]

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Press Release – Cadence Management Corporation Completes Sixth ISO Audit with Zero Non-Conformances

For the sixth year in a row, Cadence Management Corporation has completed an external ISO audit with zero non-conformances. Cadence continues to perform to its quality management system and to the ISO standard. By embracing ISO, Cadence continues to put the customer first by consistently providing quality products and services along with the highest quality [...]

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Why Syncro Medical Uses a Hybrid Agile Model

Cadence has helped thousands of leading companies get more projects done over the past 30+ years, with a methodology that is flexible, scalable and adaptable according to the type, size, risk and complexity of the projects at hand.  However, the project determines what methodology is used.  Some projects are best managed with Cadence, some with [...]

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Educators Learn Cadence Methodology

Cadence Donates PM training to Educators in New York City Cadence Management Corporation, a well-respected PMI Registered Education Provider (REP), recently trained a group of educators and local community members at Bayside High School in New York City, NY, USA. The training was offered as part of a generous in-kind donation from Cadence to PMIEF [...]

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Project Management — Learning "How To"

Cadence Management Corporation held their world-renowned Project Management Methodology seminar on June 4 -6, 2013. The seminar was led by Senior Seminar Leader, Rod Sharman. This comprehensive course is suitable for team members, technical, functional, and project leaders. While there are 28 learning objectives in this course, the overriding goal is to equip attendees with [...]

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Managing Project Management

The success of your project managers has a lot more to do with people management than project management. ”I wish I had this course 7 years ago!” said one attendee of the Cadence Management Corporation Managing Project Management (MPM) class that was held in Portland, Oregon. MPM Course Map Roles Delegation Review Support Workload Management [...]

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