Organizational Project Management Helps Biotechnology

Client Speed Innovation-Driven Products to Market.

In an industry where innovation in development spans such disparate areas as health care, technology, food & agriculture and energy, leading biotech companies
need to stay focused on organizational efficiencies. To remain competitive, they must speed the development of innovative new products and get them to market
while windows of opportunity remain open. After struggling with project manage-ment challenges that were hindering their efficiency, a global biotech client looked to Cadence to get them back on track, to delivering projects and innovation on time, and to remaining a key biotech player in a competitive industry.

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Organizational Project Management Helps Retail Client

Implement Corporate-Wide Collaboration Environment

In the Retail sector, intra-corporate information sharing and collaboration is critical. From store to store and region to region, management teams rely on everything from inventory information to delivery schedules to keep custom- ers—and management—happy. So when a large office supply chain needed to transition from a legacy information platform to a new collaboration and in- formation sharing environment they came to Cadence. Cadence enabled their project teams with the right combination of project management training and OPM project management methodology…and got the job done

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Organizational Project Management Helps Technology

Client Speed Delivery of New Products to Market.

Getting new products to market is challenging in any industry. Plans are crafted, resources assembled and project teams move forward to meet a market opportunity. Nowhere are these challenges more acute than in Technology; where the ability to meet fast-closing windows of opportunity can mean the difference between market leadership and playing catch-up. When markets move at the speed of thought, project teams need to do the same. Enabling their project teams—and the broader organization—to keep pace was just one advantage this client gained by using Cadence’s PM Methodology.

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Organizational Project Management Helps Improve Safety

Technology Client’s Key Product Portfolio Decision Making.

Decisions regarding the “sunsetting” of existing products or continuing their development can be challenging. Especially considering the associated support and development projects, which tend to be large and complex. Expert project consultants armed with the right methodology and tools can help simplify this key operational process.Understanding that this process had a multimillion dollar impact on this specific client’s business, Cadence helped define their resource needs and analyze risks, delivering targeted training and realistic plans/schedules that enabled them to make tough product management decisions and take advantage of a short window of opportunity in their market.

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