Monthly Archives: September 2009


Ask Cadence Ep 67: Roles are not understood across the organization You can help your organization understand the roles and skills required for the project management function — you just have to know where to start. This week, Jay Christensen joins Pete Wright to help outline the planning elements you'll need to add to communication what will and will not be done on your [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 66: Priority Between Groups When working to build your team, you may find yourself in a sticky political mess when you find different groups in your organization are prioritizing your project differently. Consistent prioritization is key to alignment on projects and requires the right mix of authority, will, and communication. This week, Jay Christensen joins Pete Wright [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 65: Management is Unrealistic about Impact on CSP You have a problem. You escalate to your sponsor or steering committee. Their response? Don't worry, they're sure you'll be able to solve the problem without impacting Cost, Schedule or Performance! As frustrating as this response may be, listen in this week as Jay Christensen unravels the motivation behind this typical response, and [...]