Monthly Archives: August 2009


Ask Cadence Ep 064: Finding Support from Functional Managers

Are you a project manager seeking support from the functional managers who have their employees on your teams? Are you a team member looking for more support from your functional manager as you work on projects? This week, Jay Christensen joins Pete Wright to take on both of these issues and give you the strategies [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 063: No Steering Committee

It's one of the most common things we see on troubled projects, and sometimes the trickiest to navigate: No sponsor or steering committee supporting your projects. This week, Jay Christensen joins Pete Wright to dive into the issues that lead to this on your projects, and how you can find the support you need to [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 062: Managing Time on Critical Overlapping projects

The problem card this week says it all: "Three project teams working on mandatory compliance projects to 18 countries, all three high priorities. Tasks from all three due all the time. How do I manage projects and priorities across overlapping critical projects?" It's a question for all over-worked project people, and John Patton and Jay [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 061: Too Many External Influences on the Project

It may seem like stakeholder meddling, but external influences competing for attention on your project can be a symptom of a much larger problem. This week, John Patton and Jay Christensen help you focus on the lifecycle, using a few key tactics to ensure all your project stakeholders are working with you to keep the [...]