Monthly Archives: July 2009


Ask Cadence Ep 60: The Supplier Can t Deliver Any number of challenges can slow a supplier delivering a complex product on your project. From engineering challenges to methodological roadblocks, it's your job as project manager to keep resources flowing into the project smoothly. This week, John Patton and Jay Christensen dissect this issue and give you a clear process to help [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 59: The Project is Off to a Slow Start From the problem cards this week, "The project is off to a slow start -- how do we gain traction and get this project moving?" Turns out, it's all a matter of focus on the life-cycle. This week, John Patton and Jay Christensen take to this issue with Pete Wright and give you [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 58: Webinar Preview Overview of Agile with Jay Christensen Thinking about Agile and how it might help your development projects? Looking for more detail on how the Agile approach maps to the Cadence Methodology? Coming in August, Cadence's Jay Christensen will be delivering a one-hour webinar dealing with the detail of Agile development with the Cadence Methodology. In today's show, Jay gives [...]