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Ask Cadence Ep 057: Positioning Yourself for a Future in Project Management

If you're facing an abrupt career change, you have a wide road before you. You've crafted your resume. You've done the networking. But have you really positioned yourself to be the perfect candidate for that perfect project management job? This week on the show, Jay Christensen and Wil Mercer join host Pete Wright to talk [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 056: Weather the Project Economy

If your teams have suffered as a result of layoffs or reorganizations, you're weathering the project economy. If you are juggling scope changes and resource reallocation, you're weathering the project economy. If you are faced with delivering difficult news more often than results, you're weathering the project economy. This week, join Jay Christensen, Wil Mercer, [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 055: What is Agile PM and how does it map to Cadence

We have been getting this question with great frequency: what is this Agile thing, and how does it map to the Cadence project management methodology? As it happens, Agile maps cleanly to the Cadence Methodology and -- if implemented appropriately -- can yield benefits on certain projects. Listing to Jay Christensen and Wil Mercer discuss [...]

Cadence COO Connie Plowman Receives Distinguished Fellow Award for Service

Cadence COO Connie Plowman received the Distinguished Fellow award this week in recognition for her outstanding contribution to the Portland chapter of the Project Management Institute. […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 054: Surviving the PMP Exam

Passing the PMP exam and earning the coveted certification that results is becoming increasingly important for project management practitioners. In celebration of our own Wil Mercer's newly minted PMP, we thought it appropriate to sit down and ask about the process and share some tips and tricks for studying for -- and passing -- this [...]

PMI Education Foundation presentation from PMI Leadership Institute meeting

Many of you know our involvement with the PMI Education Foundation, and just how important we believe their initiatives are becoming in the early education of project managers. As such, here’s a presentation the PMIEF delivered at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting describing their work and what they’re striving to bring to the broader project management community through education. […]

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