Monthly Archives: February 2009


Ask Cadence Ep 46: Defining Roles and a Success Story There are very few key roles to be filled in even the most complex project environment, but each of them is critical to successful implementation. From project manager to technical leader to sponsors and more, each serves to ensure the success of the team members delivering on their project objectives. This week, John [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 45: The Minimum Elements of a Project Management Methodology This week, John Patton outlines the key elements of a methodology implementation for project management, from an adaptable life cycle approach to strategic steering and project prioritization.

Ask Cadence Ep 44: Things to Consider when Implementing a Project Management Methodology There is no perfect way to implement a project management methodology. This week, John Patton and Scott Lissit join host Pete Wright as they unravel the complexities of project methodology implementation and outlining the best practices that define successful companies in their journey toward project management maturity.

Ask Cadence Ep 43: Implementing a Project Management Methodology in Organizations While a "Standard" tells you what to do, a "Methodology" tells you how to do it. So says John Patton and Scott Lissit, who join host Pete Wright today to work through the issues, strategies and fears of taking on a project management methodology in organizations. This is part 1 of a series [...]