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Fast Lane to offer the Cadence Methodology across Latin America

Portland, ORE, January 2009—Cadence Management Corporation announced today a partnership with Fast Lane Latin America, cementing Cadence as the sole project management methodology offered in the Fast Lane catalog across Latin America. With offices in more than 36 countries and growing rapidly, Fast Lane is a

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PM&B Consulting Group Joins Cadence GSP Network in Peru

LIMA, Peru, January 2009--Cadence Management Corporation opened the year with a new addition the Cadence Global Solution Provider Network. PM&B Consulting Group of Lima, Peru adds training and consulting services using the Cadence methodology, beginning immediately. PM&B Consulting, formerly Project Management for Latin America, will leverage the Cadence tools and methodology as an expansion of [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 42: The "What If" Show What if your projects are affected by the recession? What if your team is broken up, reassigned, or restructured? What if you're asked to make cuts to budget or redefine deliverables? This week, John Patton and Scott Lissit join host Pete Wright as they provide structure around project managers in the midsts of [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 41: Do You Need Project Management in a Recession When the economy turns sour, it is easy to let fundamentals slip. When you find you are in danger of making reactionary decisions in place of strategic ones, it is critical that you step back, evaluate, and review the overall state of the business. This week, John Patton and Scott Lissit join host [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 40: Managing Smart Vendor Relationships What do you do when you're working on a project and your vendors are behind, unresponsive, or incompetent? This week, John Patton and Scott Lissit will show you how to take vendors to task when appropriate, manage them smartly, and target a mutually beneficial relationship.