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Navigating The Skill Gap: Four Solutions to Build Smarter Teams

“Good to Great.” “Built to Last.” “Execution.” “First, Break All The Rules.” Each of these hit business books carry in large part the same message: If you are going to get things done right, you simply must have the right people, in the right roles, equipped with the right skills. And yet, the speed of business continues to increase. Organizations, constantly seeking new opportunities in the market, are overrun with projects that devour resources and expertise. As a project manager, your role is to execute the projects deemed appropriate by your leadership. You are put in a challenging position when you attempt to deliver and you discover you’ve been handed a team ill-equipped to get the job done. What can you do to bring your challenges to light in a proactive and effective manner? […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 007: The Skill Gap

With more projects than people in today's project environment, organizations are often forced to assign team members to project teams who are not equipped with the skills required to contribute most effectively. This skill gap can have a severe negative impact on project deliverables and put project managers in a difficult position when working to [...]

Work with your Sponsor to Build Exceptional Project Support

Building exceptional project support inside your organization will help you deliver more projects, more quickly. However, as project manager, you will be busy executing project deliverables in the heat of project work, and will need an advocate to promote your success to the organization. We hear all too often of illness in the sponsorship role. Here are three tips to help identifiy what you need from your sponsor to be successful, ensuring your sponsor works with you to build exceptional project support. […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 006: Last Minute Scope Change

This week, our Cadence graduate writes, "Complete requirements for the project are received before the project is due to be complete." Without complete organizational understanding and sponsor/customer agreement, this project problem comes up time and again. Experts Jay Christensen and Rob Bremmer walk through the nature of the problem and how you can put a [...]

Five Steps to Prepare Your Projects for the New Year

Like so many, we have made our New Year’s Resolutions and started processing tasks and available hours in which to accomplish them. Happy New Year!It is this time of planning and house cleaning that we offer five quick thoughts on getting yourself — and your projects — ready for 2008: your Project Management Resolutions. […]

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