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Know Your Warning Signs: 5 Areas Ripe for Project Risk

In Ask Cadence this week, a question came in from a project manager asking what to do when you discover that project scope is ill defined after project launch. In the course of the discussion with the team, the resolution was a recommendation to return to planning and sponsorship, and ensure the organization understands the role of the project in operations. […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 005: Communication

This week, our Cadence graduate writes, "communication is a key problem on our projects." In that simple statement, she sums up the baggage that comes with all projects in some form or another. Without a proper framework, inexperienced teams can become mired in process, and cause the project to suffer. Experts Jay Christensen and Scott [...]

Build a Plan that Ensures Executive Support

In project planning, there is a tangible difference between what is appropriate and what is a tendency. It is appropriate to catalog deliverables which outline specific and tangible outcomes of the project, to incorporate specific and data-supported measures which detail how the deliverables will operate, and to highlight specific exclusions which protect the project from sliding into no-where-land, over-promising that which was never intended. […]

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