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The 4 Critical Skills in Informal Project Management

In a successful project-based organization, it can be easy to stand by and allow the project machine to work. Indeed, it is designed to operate efficiently with the consistent application of resources: people and time. But too often we take for granted that the grease for the cogs in this machine comes in a skillset that is difficult to measure: Informal Project Management. In the project environment, informal project management has come to mean several things. It is the work of project managers applying formal project management tools to small, disorganized bodies of activities. It is also the work of project managers applying social skills and community wisdom to motivate and inspire team members to do more effective and efficient work. Here are four critical skills that the best project managers cultivate in their own informal project management efforts. […]

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Project Success with Project Sponsorship

The relationship between a project sponsor and a project manager is a unique one. Where the project manager is focused on delivering project results at a tactical level, the project sponsor operates at a political and strategic level. Companies around the world have discovered the critical importance of the project sponsor in organizing and completing projects. In the real world, we know that the project manager rarely selects the sponsor. Rather, the sponsor is the person who wants the project, is willing to pay for it, and who is looking for a project manager who can get the job done. As a project manager, make sure to discuss the following four criteria in your first conversation with your new project sponsor. Consider this the project sponsor interview process. […]

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