This week, in “The 8 Biggest Problems” podcast, Cadence president John Patton brings you problem number five in the series: the inability to get team members.

“It’s tremendously frustrating for project managers who have projects authorized and launched and they can’t get the people to do the work,” says Patton.

Why does this happen? Patton outlines a number of possible causes from poor annual project planning to emergencies in the operating environment, to project managers who aren’t completely forthcoming in thier project status reports.

“Some project managers will even turn in status reports that say ‘no problems’,” says Patton, “because they want to give their management the impression that they’re under control. It’s very key to tell the truth in status reports, and when we’re having a staffing problem, not to give up, but to report continuously that this project is going to be delayed due to lack of staff.”

Patton outlines a number of key strategies for overcoming this potential project staffing challenges this week from his experience helping organizations get more projects done faster.

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