Portland, OR — Cadence Management Corporation announces a three-day Project Management Seminar in Helsinki, Finland for April 8-10, 2003. This event follows the successful January seminar that kicked-off Cadence services to European customers and European locations of USA-based clients.

The course focuses on what attendees need today, to get projects started now, to have a sense of control and confidence as they deliver project results. Attendees are invited from all disciplines: product development, marketing, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Information Technologies, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing and Administration. The three-day format includes eight workshops where class teams learn by experience to develop project plans on their current projects.

The event is hosted in partnership with Kronodoc Oy. “Cadence is pleased to extend our relationship with the Kronodoc organization to offer Cadence services to Europe,” says, John Patton, Cadence Management CEO, “Customer response to the Cadence methodology was gratifying.”

“The Cadence Project Management seminar was useful for a variety of positions from product managers to business analysts where a practical, but rigorous approach to project management is valued,” says Kimmo Karhunen, Kronodoc CEO. Kronodoc and Cadence plan to continue the seminars in 2003.

Attendees from Europe can register by contacting Ilona Kajava at ilona.kajava@kronodoc.fi. Attendees outside of Europe should contact Connie Plowman at connie.plowman@cadencemc.com in Portland, Oregon.

About Kronodoc Oy

Kronodoc Oy is a Leading Innovator in Software and Services for Project Execution and Process Improvement. The development of Kronodoc products is based on the profound research work which was carried out at CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics) during the 1980’s and early 1990’s and which eventually resulted in the World Wide Web. The Kronodoc approach emphasizes the importance of decreasing lead time in project-based operations. Kronodoc Oy has currently several clients among Marine, Public, Energy and Construction sector companies. Kronodoc Oy is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. www.kronodoc.com.

About Cadence Management Corporation

For over 25 years, Portland, Oregon-based Cadence Management Corporation has delivered formal project management training, consulting services, and supporting project tools to leading companies and project managers around the world. Today, organizations count on Cadence to provide structure and discipline to projects, to help them deliver more with less. From Locomotives to PCs, financial services to medical equipment, spacecraft to coffee, Cadence is in the products and services that touch the world every day. Cadence Management Corporation: Connecting people worldwide and transforming businesses through project management.

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