Service Overview


Every organization faces personnel shortages from time to time.  When your organization needs project management expertise on an interim basis, Cadence can help.
Deliverables for interim Project Manager:

  • Fill project team openings
  • Create the project plan
  • Launch the work against the plan
  • Initiate status reporting
  • Transition the project to company project manager when the position is filled


Outcomes for Interim PMO Manager or PMO Setup
  • Assess level of practice for Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Temporary management of existing project managers
  • Assist in the recruiting of PMO Director and Project Managers
  • Review resumes, conduct interviews of Project Manager candidates
  • Establish standard / best practice behavior by project managers
  • Create necessary components of project prioritization process
  • Solidify Portfolio Management
Set and maintain momentum Project planning Improved Time to Market
Provide temporary project leadership Status reports Improved project leadership
Set up standardized methodology Project control Knowledge transfer
Assist with candidate interviews Risk management Improved project management practices
Launch projects with planning activities Acceptance strategy Cadence Support
Transition to new Project Manager Project portfolio approval
Project Management process use assured
Conduct recruiting interviews


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