Cadence president and CEO John Patton delivered the keynote presentation for the first in the annual series of the Project Management Institute Portland Chapter’s monthly meetings. His speech, “What Kind of Leader Are You? Leadership Characteristics of Great Project Managers,” served to bring a critical eye to the specific skills and abilities of successful project managers. There were more than 100 members and guests in attendance.

“The greatest leaders in an organization are those who deliver substantial results through projects,” says Patton. “The better we understand what it takes to become a great project manager, the more adept we become at fostering great innovation, productivity, and leadership maturity.”

Supporting the keynote event, Patton referenced the recent work of business leader and former project manager, Lee Iacocca. Iacocca’s latest book, “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?”, takes a hard look at the values leaders must develop to achieve success in an increasingly complicated world. The speech was composed of highly interactive group discussions interspersed with videos of Lee Iacocca’s “Nine C’s” (Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Character, Courage, Conviction, Charisma, Competence, and Common Sense) and how they relate to the job of project manager.

“Iacocca’s ‘9 C’s of Leadership’ should be required reading for project managers,” says Patton. “His vast experience and skill in the role at both Ford and Chrysler can be a lesson to and practitioner in the field today.”