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Ask Cadence Ep 34: Smart Portfolio Management in Difficult Times Executives have to manage the portfolio of projects across the organization in spite of staffing changes, potential layoffs, operations scaling and other complicated market conditions. The decisions they make about projects and programs inside the organization will have a ripple effect with broad reach. Join John Patton and Scott Lissit this week as [...]

Ask Cadence Ep 33: Brute Intelligence Companies are being driven to take on projects with fixed due dates in spite of having to complete engineering development tasks which they have never attempted before. What are the costs of implementing your project while your engineering team is struggling to invent? Join John Patton and Scott Lissit this week as they [...]

Cadence COO Speaks on Achievement in Project Management for International PM Day 2008

Cadence Management Corporation COO Connie Plowman joined professional project managers around the world in the celebration and achievement of the field on International Project Management Day, November 6, 2008. While events are being held globally throughout the week, Portland’s own are reaching out and recognizing the importance of project management to our economic success. “As [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 32: Election 2008 The Project of a Major Political Campaign The election for the 44th president of the United States of America has reset the bar against which campaigns will be measured. From unprecedented volunteerism to savvy strategy, the 2008 campaign season offers telling lessons in progressive project management. On today's show, join Cadence CEO John Patton and Scott Lissit as they draw [...]

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