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Know Your Warning Signs: 5 Areas Ripe for Project Risk

In Ask Cadence this week, a question came in from a project manager asking what to do when you discover that project scope is ill defined after project launch. In the course of the discussion with the team, the resolution was a recommendation to return to planning and sponsorship, and ensure the organization understands the role of the project in operations. […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 05: Communication This week, our Cadence graduate writes, "communication is a key problem on our projects." In that simple statement, she sums up the baggage that comes with all projects in some form or another. Without a proper framework, inexperienced teams can become mired in process, and cause the project to suffer. Experts Jay Christensen [...]

Build a Plan that Ensures Executive Support

In project planning, there is a tangible difference between what is appropriate and what is a tendency. It is appropriate to catalog deliverables which outline specific and tangible outcomes of the project, to incorporate specific and data-supported measures which detail how the deliverables will operate, and to highlight specific exclusions which protect the project from sliding into no-where-land, over-promising that which was never intended. […]

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Ask Cadence Ep 04: Scope Creep Ask Cadence is a series dedicated to bringing solutions to your toughest project management problems. Using real-world project challenges from project managers in our global project management training seminars, our team offers guidance on how to tackle such issues as Scope, Schedule, Responsibility, Organizational Project Management, Agile Project Management and so much more.

Ask Cadence Ep 02: Define scope right from the start A universal understanding of project scope is critical to overcoming confusion in project start-up. This week’s problem comes from a project manager dealing with just that; multiple sponsors and members of leadership competing for input into project scope. Experts Jay Christensen and Scott Lisset walk through the nature of the problem and how [...]

Ask Cadence PMI Portland Special: Randall Englund on Project Sponsorship PMI Portland dinner meeting attendees were treated to this rousing speech by Randall Englund, author of the book "Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success". Englund is introduced here by Cadence COO Connie Plowman. Englund will be joined by co-author Alfonso Bucero teaching their first seminar with Cadence, Project Sponsorship, in early [...]

Cadence Booth Plays Host to PM Celebrities in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA -- Cadence Management Corporation offered a chance to meet some of the great minds in the project management field this week, hosting signings with PM experts Claudia Baca, Randall Englund, and Alfonso Bucero. Englund and Bucero have come to prominence in the field through their work bringing focus and sophistication to project sponsorship. [...]

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Cadence Seminar Leader Presents on Kids and Project Management at PMI Global Congress, Atlanta

Atlanta, GA -- Cadence Seminar Leader Kimberly Liegel presented her paper, “Empowering Kids Through Project Skills”, this week at the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress in Atlanta, GA. “Tomorrow’s project managers are in the classroom today, yet there is no set curriculum for teaching them how to do projects,” says Leigle in her conference note. [...]

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Ask Cadence Ep 01: Get the Right Skills on Project Teams This week we are thrilled to launch the inaugural episode of Ask Cadence!, tackling your gorilla project management problems, one week at a time. This week, Scott Lisset and Jay Christensen take on the perennial problem: lack of key skills on the project team. What can you do when your defined tasks don't [...]

Cadence COO Connie Plowman Graduates, Accepts Position on PMI Leadership Group

Atlanta, GA -- Cadence Chief Operating Officer Connie Plowman graduated from the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class, an exclusive Project Management Institute member group dedicated to leadership of the PMI organization. Beginning in 2008, Plowman will turn her experience back to PMI, joining the 8-member Leadership Institute Advisory Group. This group serves to provide guidance [...]

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